Insulin like growth factor is secreted by

Insulin like growth factor is secreted by:
a) Liver
b) Pituitary gland
c) Pancreas
d) Adrenal glands
Correct Answer - A
Answer:A. Liver
Growth hormone acts on the liver to form small proteins called
Somatomedins increases bone growth in all aspect
Effects are similar to insulin, hence referred to as “Insulin-like
Growth Factor” (IGF).
Four types available -
Most important is Somatomedin C - Specifically referred to as
“Insulin - Growth Factor -1 / IGF - 1”
Binds to a carrier protein in blood
Hence, a longer duration of action than growth hormone.
Half-life - about 20 Hrs (compared to growth hormone - 20 mins)
Blood concentration of IGF-1 follows the levels of growth hormone.
Growth effects of GH are mostly attributed to somatomedin (rather
than its direct effect on bones & peripheral tissues