Interventional cardiology vs Neurosurgery?

Interventional cardiology vs Neurosurgery?
In terms of lifestyle are they similar?

Both are very galmorous and top branch… Difficult to chose

Interventional cardiology better and more scope than neurosurgery, also more rewarding.

Shaadi ka reesta aya hay?

Confuse ho dulha kaun hoga?

Both the subjects are away different!

If you really wanted Neurosurgery;you wouldn’t be asking this question.

Omkar Gadre I’m just a girl in this patriarchal country trying to make more informed decisions and know all the ground realities before going down an irreversible path. A burning blind passion is not necessary for pursuing any field nor should it propel one so hard towards one and only one particular field that they later feel split in two.

MD anatomy >>>>neurosurgery>IC

Both are heavily saturated branches so if u have to make a choice choose whatever u like. If u go by pay then obviously surgical branches pay more after u becomes a independent established surgeon.