Into intercondylar area of tibia or vice versa?

Where from ACL and PCL originate and where do they insert? Are they originating from femoral condyles and inserting into intercondylar area of tibia or vice versa?

Ligaments attach, don’t insert or originate. The attachments mentioned are correct.

And we have an obviously wrong option… Select that.

Had the same doubt.

Even First Aid says it extends from medial femoral condyle to posterior tibia!

Aa far as I understand, insertion and origin are for the muscles. In case of ligaments like ACL and PCL there are attachments both of which are usually confused as insertion or origin.

That’s why ligaments are explained as extending from one point to another, none of which can be designated as insertion or origin.

This I’m telling with reference to Cunningham’s manual of anatomy

Yeah right but the question was asked in AIIMS about its origin and also this will alter the direction of the ligament as in anatomy it was explained that ACL goes upwards backwards and laterally

PCL originates from anterolateral surface of the medial femoral condyle and inserts into posterior intercondylar area of the tibia and anterolateral surface of medial condyle of femur