Irresistible sexual desire in a male is known as

Irresistible sexual desire in a male is
known as:
a) Nymphomania
b) Tribadism
c) Satyriasis
d) Sadism
Correct Answer - C
Ans. Satyriasis
Satyriasis is excessive sexual desire in male where he enjoys
having multiple sexual partners or desires excessive sexual activity.
The female-specific term for the same condition is Nymphomania.
A fetish is an abnormal stimulus or object of sexual desire.
Fetishism means the use of such objects of sexual gratification
leading to orgasm. For exmaple underclothing, brassiere, petticoat,
stocking, shoes, etc.
Frotteurism :
Sexual satisfaction is obtained by rubbing against persons in crowd.
If they attempt intercourse, they have a premature ejaculation or
they are impotent.
It is an uncommon perversion and rarely occurs alone