Is anyone facing issues with choice filling?

Is anyone facing issues with choice filling?..I’m unable to open it from yesterday…It shows that my session has expired…one the night of 20th I was able to open it…It closed on its own after 12 minutes…But from yesterday morning I’m unable to open and fill choices.I tried all the instructions I was told when I faced similar issues when filling application like clearing browser history, use incognito mode…use another laptop etc…When I called up the help desk,they said no one is facing such issues and asked me to update my browser…It is already updated and even now I tried once more to update…Since I found no remedy I tried it even with help of software people ,they said there is no issue from my end and there must be some server issue at the other side…can someone help me with this…

Open it in Firefox. Working excellent. Google Chrome sucks here

Close all the browsing tabs…and login again