Is earning in surgery, Ortho more than m.d.medicine?

Is earning in surgery, Ortho more than m.d.medicine?

Definitely surgical branches earning more

Patients go for surgery only after medical treatment fails…so that means … patient load will be more to a physician than a surgeon…

Maximum opd charge a physician takes 500 rs surgery even a simple appendicectomy 20000

medicine ppl these days take 1000 average and during time appendicectomy is done they see 20 patients easily plus ICU admissions and joint care …so doesn’t make difference

Ask any physician & u will get the answer who earns more

It takes minimum 1 HR for a small surgery, and 20000 as u said is not just for surgeon it includes anesthesia charge. Ot charge., equipment charge, technician charge etc. Barely 4000 to surgeon pocket… One hr physician can see 15-20 cases… Now calculate

Surgeon also have opd bro plus a good surgeon does not stick to one surgery a day

Money depends on skill and marketing…whatever the branch…i know there is some anasthesist even earn more than a ortho, OBG doctor.

Do not follow money… Follow your passion n money will follow you…

its not joke… Even some anaesthetist are earning more than jeff bezos but they are not disclosing their income!

an average surgical branch people can earn more than an average medical person.

Ofcourse ortho has more money …short ot procedures mostly and high income

But if u have a running opd full of pt all day … no one can beat a md medicine in income 10lakhs per month

uro has lot of money m…to remove one stone they are charging 40k…recently my uncle gon through retrograde transurethral lithotripsy …removed 4 stone …one stone from right side and another from left aide 1.6lakh rupee only fee of Urologist and rest management people will steal our money

duration of surgery longer and there is always a team of neurosurgeons work in neurosurgery. so orthopedics only short surgeries and expensive surgeries so that they earn more

In neurosurgery although pay is good but patient mortality morbidity is very high so even a good surgeon can go into depression …plus neurosurgen have to keep practicing his skills irrespective of presence of patients bcz procedures are too delicate…

Depends on mentality…And Ur interest… even ENT u can earn if u perform surgery regularly

If u want to make more more money,
Pls go to Politics,
U can do whatever u want.

Suma than Na ava avanuku inga seat ae kastama iruku Ithula…

Yes, orthopedic is reverse of iceberg phenomenal
Least investment, highest result

Whatever branch you choose, will not guarantee you a huge income. It all depends on your clinical and communication skills.