Is it necessary to do PG?

Is it necessary to do PG?

It’s upto u…If u are a person who wants to update yourself with more knowledge then study further and if u r happy n content with whatever u have studied settle with this degree…It’s very simple…All depends upon your mindset…If u wish to pursue your higher education in medicine go for it and if u don’t then stick to what u r doing now…

MBBS doctor is like dhobi ka doggie(mostly). I mean puri life nikal di padhne mein,kuchh maze bhi nahi kare aur fir you’re ‘just plain mbbs’,not enough of a doctor.

Your profile name is MD aspirant, and you are asking this question in a group of PG aspirants so that justifies the following question… What the fuck man?

Not at all… there are many people in Service of Govt with more than 1 lakh rupees Salary and no PG at all… doing pure administration work at district and State level

I don’t know why is everyone preaching about marriage here, Marrying is worse than getting MS Anatomy…Mind that advice.

Everyone have different goals depending on one’s situation so your question is useless

If you are in govt already or will join, you may consider “life”. It’s a rat race which ends up ina “pinjra”. There will always be top gun whose guidelines you will follow. So if you really considering not to take up pg, no problem. But keep yourself upto date. After all you will treat humans. You won’t loose anything by not doing pg. About 50-60% people donot really need specialists. They just need doctors.

u cant make money as like yr fellow consultants bro. now u may be in buddha mode to satisfy with what u ve (MBBS). but after so many years consultant friend will post the selfie in insta with his new car and wife… that time u should not regret… mbbs field saturated. u need pg degree to sustain long term.!!

if u do pg ull get only ur specality cases like a suergon will get surgery cases an orthopeadecian will get ortho cases if u wont do pg u can attend any case like a house suergon and Rmp u can attend gynaec cases ortho cases med cases and all u can get more income so stop thinking about pg and enjoy with ur ug time is precious and just marry now and njoy ur life