Is it possible to get through post-op pain with only Tylenol/Advil/Naproxen?

I think it would be with a nerve block. I took the narcotics even though they made me throw up and feel terrible bc the pain was so bad. After the third/fourth day I could take just advil and Tylenol. ( I didn’t have a nerve block and wish I had).
To be quite honest…I took whatever I was given (I believe Vicodin) and it was suggested I do by my Doctor. PT is very important with this surgery. Once I felt the pain wasn’t an issue, I just switched to Tylenol since I cannot take NSAIDS due to being on Coumadin. If you are not the kind of person who has an addictive personality, it’s really not a big deal. Because it was suggested I not use a Prednisone dose pack (also because I’m on Coumadin) in order to get past 90 degrees in my PT, I wound up having to have a second surgery (MUA) Manipulation under anesthesia to manually bend my leg while I was under sedation because the pain is too intense. My point is…sometimes meds are necessary to produce a particular result. I’m 8 years PO and still have issues with my knee (sorry to be a downer, perhaps because I also have Lupus and arthritis issues.) Do what needs to be done to ensure a good outcome is all I’m trying to say!! I can tell you, that years later I was ‘allowed’ to be on a Prednisone pack, and let me tell you…had they let me have it when I was rehabbing, I would’ve never needed the second surgery. Just my opinion, but you know yourself best and have your own reasons. If it’s addiction you’re concerned with, I get it completely. But if it’s just because you think it’s bad, I would let your doctor have some imput!
I think it’s variable on pain tolerance and your digestion

My bf had patella graphed for his ACL and was mostly okay with ibuprofen and CBD tincture, day 2 and 4 he took the prescription opioid which helped him

I had quad graph for acl and meniscus repair- I couldn’t handle the pain and needed the prescription for the first week, I made sure to tamper off

The ibuprofen messed up my digestion so I try to use turmeric, thc creams/tinctures
ABSOLUTELY! Because after having my children I only used Tylenol/Advil. But, I must warn you, this pain was not like birth pain. …It’s like metal burning, chalk scraping, tingling, scream producing, fist banging, can’t get to the source to relieve the pain pain with no baby as proof it was worth it and pt/ot days ahead. I had adverse reactions to drugs after our first son so I didn’t even fill the script. Ice move prop sleep was my cycle.