Is loss of smell in COVID is indicative of high viral load..?

Is loss of smell in COVID is indicative of high viral load…?

Lose of smell or lose of taste is equal to a positive RT PCR for covid.

yes.but is there any co- relation between loss of smell/taste and viral load

No .Lose of smell or taste just tells you r infected not viral load

But loss of smell to phle bhi hoti thi normal cold me

yes but covid is considered to be the reason bcz infection is at high levels right now.RT PCR is turning negative in many cases and CT scan showing covid changes In lungs.But we all know CT scan does so much harm to patient by radiation so in protocols of covid they have included it so that it’s better to consider yourself that you r suffering from covid then to be in a dilemma that we have common cold.So that as a precaution we isolate ourselves and prevent spread to others and take treatment according to Symptoms.Its better to prepare for worst situation then to be in a delimma of having common cold and spread to other members of family and can be dangerous for people with comorbities to consider that I have common cold just bcz my covid reports r negative

is saying that only loss of smell can’t cause Covid, other symptoms should be there and first off all, don’t panic too much, stay positive and take proper healthy diet. If you have symptoms, you have to follow proper protocol. Nowadays, whoever got fever gets more panic and people are getting hurt.