Is there a good side of this Ukraine war for us?

Is there a good side of this Ukraine war for us?

Will NMC and Govt seriously think about decreasing fees for 50% private college seats after all thse?

Yes NMC already working on it 50 percent seat of all private medical Colleges will have fee structure similar to govt medical College

Politically not possible to reduce fees, as most of these private medical colleges are owned by politicians themselves.

Ya many more doctors …less demand …less salary comparatively

They might speak to Ukraine govt and ask them to increase their fees, instead.

False hope. Every state will increase govt college fees if forcing them to reduce private college fees as most of private colleges are owned by politicians.

Exactly reverse will happen in India.

Majority of pvt indian medical colleges are of politicians/industrialists/businessmen by whom each and every political parties are funded so as to run their business be it ruling party or opposition. Do you really think they are gonna pass the proposal by NMC ??

Majority go to other countries bcuz they couldn’t get a seat in India bcuz of the Reservation System. If something has to be done, start here.