Is there any reason for not keeping any mch direct 6 years curriculum

is there any reason for not keeping any mch direct 6 years curriculum for GI . thers only for neuro,plasitc,pedia,ctvs,uro… or am i missing somewhere or wrong. thank you.

i am asking why they dint keep mch straight 6 years for GI when they have for others subjects mostly… oh gyob isnt there too…

If you look at Neurosurgery, CTVS and Plastic Surgery, you can actually start training them directly, without a background in General Surgery. There is very little overlap.

There are countries that do this.

Simple…A lot of seats in SS go vacant in CTVS , Vascular surgey , neurosurgery and plastic and peadiatric surgery as some of these branches demand a very hectic and stressful carrier while the scope of some branches is not that great… hence there r these 6 yr DNB couses to pull as many ppl in …that’s the reason the top 3 SS branch namely gastro , uro , onco does not have DNB course (as of now atleast!!)

Well… it started few years ago, when…mci chief was caught… For bribes / bucket loads of money at his home.
He was arrested…and downfall for mci had begun.
This so called institution pays evrry govt in power to stay autonomous…becz many health ministers have tried to get it under purview of Mohfw.
But they want to maintain the autonomy so dat they keep getting bribes…from medical colleges during inspection.
So as he got caught…temporarily all mci office members were dissolved and sent home.

But since…he defied one of the ministers orders it was time for him to go.
So wen he was removed…
New interim chiefs were made…
One of them was owner of a corporate hospital…and himself is a surgeon
So it was time for his son to do super speciality…So he started these 6 year course and also they wanted cheap labour for all corporate hospitals…Wats better dan 6 years paying only 25k… those days it was jus 25k…
So it was then they formed these 6 year courses and decided to exploit us