Is there anyone from this group who is doing PG in MD FMT?

Is there anyone from this group who is doing PG in MD FMT? I would like to know about the subject from their perspective like what to do in recidency and what to do after passing MD

In pg mlc, postmortem after pg same

Medicolegal work during residency. After residency, it depends weather you join private medical college where only teaching is the job or mortuary posts of fmt experts in district hospitals.

My personal opinion - Opt fmt only if you have keen interest in it.

otherwise it’s a dead branch.

Some years ago it was proposed to dissolve the subject and add it’s chapters to other allied clinical subjects.

It’s a subject of layman.

Completely dry branch.

you will feel that you were a doctor for 5 years during mbbs and after MD Forensic Medicine you will feel like a non medico.

If you don’t have any fetish for clinical work, u can opt it.

wo branch hi kya jo kisi insan ke marne ke baad ki ho.

No one enter in mbbs to tear the dead bodies to determine the cause of death.

everyone enter in mbbs to t/t the patients for their disease.

Personal satisfaction comes only after doing something clinical.

No offence to anyone.

personal opinions may vary.

I am just telling my personal experience.