Is this true that third wave will affect children

Is this true that third wave will affect children

Or just a false propaganda

Any reliable source apart from whats app uni…

It’s true …few paediatric hospitals are actually gearing up as per orders is what few residents told me after government orders…even if you think logically…when are we going to vaccinate <18 year olds? By the time sufficient doses are available it’s going to take months

But how do they know that third will affect children mainly

Ny study done in past or proof behind that

very correct and logical.if one is knowing of third wave then where were they gone in first n second wave

Bcoz all other adults r done with covid either vaccinated or got the disease so its now gona affect kids

2nd wave is also a propagonda…u are their research

Time will tell but pfizer people first invented vaccine for children and then started saying about third wave so it’s fishy

It is sad to see even medicos talking about alleged pharama influence in pandemic. Non medicos, uneducated masses can say such theories. But how come people who has studied scientific medicine?

If you understand the infective nature of the virus., You will understand. Simply put , a virus will mutate to make itself survive. In the first wave,it targeted elderly. When sufficient human bodies have been infected/ vaccinated , in order to survive,it is now more attacking youngsters,( Hence,it’s becoming more virulent,thereby affecting people with no comorbidities). It’s onky natural that the next potential target is Children . There’s is no hidden agenda or whatever to scare the public,it’s scientfic expectation and preparing for the worst,if anything happens… Remember,a virus is more potent than anything else…it’s better to expect worst and gear up. That’s how modern medicine always saved lives.