It has a free experimental version


It has a free experimental version

Apply Q & a usmle step2 ck

It works on the computer.

• This executive file contains duplicate models and questions during the years prior to the official examination of the American certificate equation usmle

• Questions are placed in the same way as they come by the difference that correction directly to the question (for “time”)

• The question usually " in the exam is longer than in the file because they put it on two grounds:

1-Non-directed details are not necessary for the purpose of distraction only

2-there is a key sentence that is the basis by choosing the answer

• We advise not to register on the real test if you do not achieve 60 % of the correct answers

• The Executive File is protected and works on one device

• The file contains a trial version composed of some questions

• We hope that this executive file will be a senior assistant to pass the exam at high and easy rates