It has been a hard year with uncertainties and anxiety

INICET 2021 - 22000

NEET-PG 2021 - 15500

INICET May 2022 - 776

NEET-PG 2022 - 303

It has been a hard year with uncertainties and anxiety at almost every step. However , now that its over i want to take this opportunity to thank the brilliant teachers here on Marrow without whom this definitely would not have been possible. I have to start with Rohan Khandelwal sir. Surgery has been my favourite subject since 2nd year when i was first exposed to Clinical rotations and the way you taught, just built up that interest even more. It was crisp and digestible and so structured , i could watch your videos the whole day without a break. I hope to follow your footsteps in the future and become a surgeon like you :’). Sakshi Arora Hans ma’am , only because of you priming us with all the possible scenarios and keywords to look out for, i feel the OBGYN questions werent as difficult although at first glance the long clinical stem was quite daunting. Thank you for making OBGYN so easy. Pharma and Biochem which were probably my weakest subjects actually became my strengths and its all thanks to the conceptual teaching of Rebecca ma’am and Ranjan Kumar Patel sir. Sir your wacky mnemonics were my favourite xD and helped me remember so much. Ram Chaitanya sir, i started my preparation with Anaesthesia as i had taken up a housestaffship in the department and the way you taught, with memes and jokes , i dont think i made a better decision. It was a lot of fun watching you teach. Abbas Ali sir, more than your ortho videos, which of course is amazing, your motivational videos on youtube, resonated with me the most. I used to watch them whenever they were out and it filled me with positivity and belief which i believe is the main reason I’m here today and for that I’m forever grateful sir. I’ve used only Marrow throughout my preparation and i have not regretted it once and its only because of the plethora of amazing teachers this app provides us with. Always believe in your source and give it your all and most importantly, have faith in yourself.

Thank you to all the teachers and team Marrow and


to all my fellow colleagues for securing great ranks too :’).