It is possible to resume sex with entry 6 weeks after normal birth until the uterus closes

It is possible to resume sex with entry 6 weeks after normal birth until the uterus closes. If there has been a tear, episiotomy or caesarean section, it’s better to wait for full sutures. It takes an average of 6 to 9 weeks. In the meantime, if you feel desire, nothing stops us from replacing your cuddling with luscious messages, caresses, or even relationships without entry as long as the genitals are sensitive.

To know: the recovery of the first sex happens on average 6 to 9 weeks after birth.

Getting back to your sexuality gently
Often, very young moms may no longer have a desire, for many reasons: physical and psychological change, intense fatigue… For dads, it can be difficult to find your partner. Desire may be there but there is the fear of hurting, the new image of their companion become a mom that can block them… Give yourself time to find the desire together. Taking time for moments of love together is important.

The vaginal drought can be a brake on the recovery of sex life as relationships can be painful. Remember to use gel gel to remedy this vaginal drought.

For first sex reports, it’s important to go gently. You can foster positions that don’t lead to too deep entry.

reconcile with your body
The kilos of pregnancy not yet lost, the belly, the mine tired by the short nights… It’s hard to find yourself attractive in the first few weeks after giving birth. We must accept this, temporary change in silhouette. Nothing better for morale than taking care of yourself, makeup, buying new outfits! And then, listen to your spouse. If he tells you that you are beautiful and he likes you, it’s true! New dads are less sensitive to the body changes that will make you feel better.

What are the risks of getting your sexuality back too quickly?
Too rush can destroy libido. If during the first sex (which you didn’t really want) after giving birth, you might not want to do it again. Better wait for the moment you want to, when you feel your body is ready.

What if sexual desire has trouble coming back?
Having a libido or having less after giving birth is quite common! This is usually temporary. Multiply the gestures of tenderness, the evidence of love (kisses, little words, caressed…), spend time in love (why not treat yourself to a one-on-one dinner for example by having baby babysitting? . Desire should be reborn. If after 6-8 months your intimate life is still zero or very small, it may be worth going to see a sexologist or couple therapist.

But don’t worry, if you had a sex life before pregnancy, you will find it!

IMPORTANT: In case of caesarean section, it’s good to wait at least 6 to 9 weeks until the scar gets better.