It is the scenario today,true

It is the scenario today,true.

But I completely disagree that professors r not teaching…

The main tearcher of a doctor is not these apps,not the professors,but the patients admitted in the ward…ward rounds start from 2yr of MBBS…many students fail to see the opportunity…in the race of securing a good rank(which is equally important) MBBS students are ignoring the real teachers…Talk to the patients in the ward,take a proper history,relate theory with practical scenarios,which may be completely diff from the book,try to solve the problem.Then you learn how to treat an illness.

The books,apps, professors may give you knowledge…but patients will give you a vision,a new perspective of looking at things which r not written in the theory books.

I oppose this notion, though many of the professors in my UG college were not enthusiastic towards teaching, still in that span of time, I encountered a number of them who were very keen towards imparting some good knowledge on us.

Also, whatever I studied in my UG through such professors, I can still recall it but I can’t recall what I studied for solving mcqs during pg prep.

Lastly, it’s also us as students who must change our view and should absorb whatever knowledge we can get from them!