It’s a little bit of positive message I wanna give to all

Approve this post admin . It’s a little bit of positive message I wanna give to all.

I’m getting a strong feeling guys.

Neetpg2022 won’t be postponed .

Let’s study our max . Let’s do our best!!!

Let the time wasters waste their time. We can post a tweet in free time then get back to studies

Whatever be the decision . We are on the win side .

Exam will be on time 💪🏻

And guys what we think and imagine and manifest and believe that really happens

I REQUEST ALL THE CANDIDATES WHO WANT EXAM ON TIME please have this positive vibrations . Say positive things to yourself

Make your aura full of good vibes and positive .

Even when not knowing the result u have firm believe in positive action that’s called faith ❤️

Let’s have huge faith!!! We can !! We will!

Exam is on time ❤️☀️

Let’s rock it. Idc what all opposition people will react .

I know everything will be alright and great for us.

To all the sincere people studying out there .

What a tragedy in this country ,uncertainty in every thing, Thanks to our politician and spineless regulatory body, just imagine the state of mental condition of candidate.

Justice dyc denied further postponement… Donot wry …just study

justice DYC said th ministry to take decision “sympathetically” and court won’t interfare. Bishal deputation poreche for postpone.

Study Ka momentum to gadbada gya hai lgta hai ek mahina postpone ho Jaye to theek hi hai

postpone ment will put study in reverse gear