It true that there are chances of postponement of neetpg22?

it true that there are chances of postponement of neetpg22?

Anything can happen now, this exam can very well happen next year, with so many court cases, we are literally living in a circus.

Completely agree.More so sir,when MCC could not filter out those candidates in month who blocked the seats how can they do so in a week?.

It’s the result of gross mismanagement and arrogance of the authority. Even after reporting by many and mass e-mail to them, they didn’t rectify the provisional result of mop up, rather they declared the final one in a hurry

If Answer key with recorded response of Neet pg 2021 was released, then probably the entire neet pg 2021 exam would have been cancelled.

What a shameful mismanagement

Sir what can be done now , i have already joined duties , informed everybody that i joined ,how will i again tell parents that allotment is cancelled , i dont have money to pay again , what should we do now

Why cant they conduct Reallotment for blocked seats and 146 newly added only, why to create this entire chaos

We can demand one more thing from the MCC and Supreme Court…

Those who are happy with the Mop Up allotment and has taken admission let them continue…Those who are not let there be a fresh counseling in accordance with the Supreme Court Verdict…Clears a lot of confusion

Only option pending is Reallotment of 146 newly added seats or reallotment for blocked seats by filtering

What will happen to the states which conducted mop up . Will that also be cancelled ?

it must be cancelled since people who joined all india mopup couldn’t apply for state mopup