Its very disturbing to see world’s biggest democracy

Its very disturbing to see world’s biggest democracy, one of the giant nation
Cannot even conduct their Medical residency counselling properly. Hardships that doctors have to face for getting a residency seems to be never ending. Everything was fine and well before Neetpg. States did their role well. Mcc is truly incompetent to conduct this. NMC since their induction has been a joke. I advice the allotted candidates from Delhi to reach mcc office before office opening, meet someone and delay the allotment letter until they rectify their mistake. Or else there is ” postpondment gang” will join hands with “ cancel mopup” gang ( as most of them wont have any seat allotted) and things will get uglier. Your only option is to make mcc delay allotment letter , so no joining happens till they rectify this list. And after all this Drama, i think every candidate + mbbs students together should file PIL to cancel neetpg and bring back state level entrances & dnb entrance.
I cannot even say ” stay strong” because that would be so cliche. Disguisting from nmc mcc nbe and state dme’s who are protecting blocker.

i got allotted CTVS in MMM, was hoping to send you a thank you text after joining the institute for all the info and guidance for a CTVS aspirant which is very scarce in this group. But seems like joining may take a while. I am gonna take CTS no matter how many times they are gonna conduct the councelling. So i appreciate and thank you for all the posts and replies

Elite heart institute in the country. They have really good “ teaching faculty” too. It will be hectic for sure. But if you are ready to adjust You can comeout with great quality. Dr v m kurian sir is a great teacher. I hope he is still there.

Enjoy breaking hearts