I've been alloted nbe diploma in a TN district hospital

I’ve been alloted nbe diploma in a TN district hospital. The nodal officer says the stipend is 35k and 37k for 2 years respectively. But in the prospectus it says stipend for DNB/Diploma should be equal to that of State gov’t MD/MS stipend (47k in TN). Can someone clarify.

For DNB it should be equal to md/ms or 35k , whichever is higher, don’t kw regarding diploma

okay ,so it means rules r same as DNB ,can u send me whole pdf

I have only this screenshot. Will post it if i find the whole pdf.

Stipend of TN -47k is only recently revised… Probably your nodal officer was not aware

Check stipend for individual institutes under ‘participating institutes’ tab in mcc website…

  1. the stipend has to be a minimum of at least state stipend.

  2. if tn stipend is still at 35k 37k write to nbe and get it reviewed to 48k 49k which is the current state stipend. This should be revised when nbe writes to state.

I am not sure about how much it is now exactly or if already has been revised after the md ms hike. Represent to dme and write to nbe and this should be revised.