I've been doing prehab before surgery about a week and a half now

I’ve been doing prehab before surgery about a week and a half now. The pain in my injured has gotten much better, but I’m still overcompensating with my other leg. I’ve actually had more soreness in my good leg/back the last few days just from doing more to avoid the bad leg. Did anyone else struggle with this? Any suggestions on what helped? I figured this is pretty normal for a while pre and post surgery.

Yep! I overcompensated for a really long time! I am 16 weeks po, and finally feeling like I am walking normally most of the time. You’ll get it back! Get an exceptional physical therapist! Do your research and don’t go to just anyone. Pt is going to be the most important part of rehab and prehab!

I did the same. One thing I learned from the PT is to walk more slowly so that my gait is more even. I was walking too fast, and ended up walking with a limp. So walking more slowly helped me even it out. Does that make sense? Also, do the same exercises on the injured leg as the non-injured leg. Also I added exercises to strengthen/ help with glutes and hips.