I've been haveing horrible

I’ve been haveing horrible, horrible pains in my knee today like I’m walking and all.of a sudden I have a shock of pain in the opposite side of where the knot is on my knee and I have no clue why…its very painful and comes unexpectedly usually and pain meds are. Ot helping 😔 anyone have this pain before it’s on the outer side of my knee!!

I fell about 3 weeks ago and slipped in some mudd, and I sat on my left leg, and when I did I had to bring it around and when I did it popped and twisted somewhat and I have a huge knot on my knee and its numb there, and pains been minimal after about a week and a half but today after i got a shower I was limping back to the room and I got a shock pain in the opposite side of knee where the knot is…and have had issues barring weight on it again.