Joined DNB fam med in a govt institution

Joined DNB fam med in a govt institution. I’m being treated as a duty doctor. Disposing opds in morning and doing casualty duty till the next morning. And again I’ve to dispose opd till 12 noon. The cycle continues next day. They don’t have any idea about fam med. What does fm have to do with casualty? Don’t join DNBs in govt hospitals, you’re nothing but bonded labour

Everywhere situation is same more or less.

Our so called “cosultants” do not want to work even if they are not too old to work

Talk to your guide and tell him to fix your roster according to DNB guidelines

I’m posted in Internal medicine as per schedule. But the dept post us only in opd and casualty. When asked about ward rounds? They give bullshit answers like lack of manpower/lack of time to finish theory classes etc. How will one learn if he doesn’t follow the case? 😓

I don’t know how DNB accreditation is done although I have been through mci inspections atleast thy wouldn’t give recognition without having bare minimum requirements

This is the reason y all hospitals (private or govt )apply for DNB courses so that they can get cheap labour as students…it will be costly to recruit a post mbbs as high salary should be given and fixed time of work …but residents should work 24/7

You have to dispose opd first,studies after duty hours only

doing 24 hr duties on alternative days. With OPDs in between. What should i do?

You can’t do night duties continuously. When you do 2 night duties back to back, they have to give you off next day. Talk about this with your coordinator. And give written complaint, and mention that under such circumstances you’re not able to focus on your work and academics. If they don’t take any action, send this copy to DNB and write a complaint. NBE always takes action when there is a proof. If there’s no proof, your complaint will fall on deaf ears! And remember , your hospital authorities will blackmail you that they will inform NBE that candidate is non-compliant. This is the common trick used by all institutes. Don’t worry about that, unless you have done something very gross mistake, nobody complains about compliance. Always record all your calls when you’re talking to any consultant on the phone. Take pictures of all duty roasters. These things come handy when you’re filing a complaint to NBE. Don’t think about leaving the seat. You have to fight for your own good. I was tortured worst than this ! So I know very well how do deal with these people. All DNB institutes treat residents as a slave and door mat. Don’t get depressed, always live with dignity. Once you show them what you are, nobody will mess up with you.

kyo Aisa faltu ka bata rahe ho kitna experience hai tumko residency ka . Tum bus ek hoshiyar ni ho sabko pata hai ki post night off 8 hr duty etc but not possible agar loge to consult tumko koi proceger ni dega like OPD ya OT 3 yr babad ho jayga pura book se sab kuch ni sikh. Sakte

back to back 3 night duty kar ke dikhao ! And fyi, i have done 4 yrs of residency ( diploma + dnb ) so I know very well how things work … dnb ka sab alag rehta hai mahol … aur mai hoshiyar nahi hu, par itna toh malum hai kaha kaise behave karna hai … for dnb residents there’s no one to help them out … MD mein resident doctors ka association toh rehta hai at least

Many people will like to have that precious degree without complaining.

Many of the DNB course in government hospitals are like this only. They merely have any idea what is DNB course is and what DNB residents supposed to do

But MD/MS/DNB in any Government Institution Is A Bonded Labour, Sadly 😅

Joke Aside, If You Feel Any Part Of The Duty Is Just Using You And Not In Any Way related to your Degree, You Can and Should Report to NBE