Jus had casual talk with a resident in Ortho department

Jus had casual talk with a resident in Ortho department … Aftr a long talk I got to know that he is not M.S Ortho surgeon …but he’s FCPS Ortho which is also 3 years course

I shocked n asked sir “what’s the difference between M.S Ortho and FCPS Ortho?”

He replied " M.S Ortho residents and me see a same kinds of patients , we both sit side by side in the opds , wards and perform operations in o.t ,
And at last he said “Jus the degree is different, everything else is same”

Is he right ??

Ase to intern bhi ye sab kam karta hai…except performing opration at its own…n DND…n diploma also do the same thing…
Bas degree ka hi to anter hai…:joy:

FCPS a cps course…its equivalence with diploma got cancelled…can practice at states where valid…maharashtra… gujrat …rajasthan also course started…mumbai its well established…may get good exposure…rajasthan only at district abs some sub district hospitals ,so cant get good exposure

Hospitals don’t keep them as JR even ! … How can u compare MSortho with CPS !

why do people fail to realise its all about experience…there are many senior mbbs doctors whose clinical skills are better than newly passed md/ms ones…having a degree is no guarantee that youre the better clinician. A better academician, maybe!