Just 3 more days to go (21 Oct Application submission)

Just 3 more days to go (21 Oct Application submission) – and you are so close to one of many significant milestones in your USMLE journey. However, all of you have already proven one thing for sure… that each one of you is a true CHAMPION! The very fact that you have come this far…determined not to give up…and looking forward to each day with a stronger resolve –shows that what a champion material you all are. And we – your Sarthi Family – feels extremely proud to be associated with each one of you in whatever ways we could.

The journey thus far has been remarkable…the destination is well within sight…but above all, what a great company you all are. Not for nothing you are in the noblest profession on the planet!

The Sarthi family wishes you all the very best for your application submission. But remember, you have a bigger cause why you all chose to be in this profession – serving the humanity and make this planet a better place to live in.