Just like radiology and dermat, even Psychiatry

Just like radiology and dermat, even Psychiatry is also a clinical branch with which one can have a chill and balanced life. But most people are asking me not to fill up Psychiatry in the choice filling. Why is it so? Is it really that difficult? Why do toppers not prefer Psychiatry although it is a chill branch just like radiology and dermat? Is the prospect of Psychiatry really poor? I want a chill branch in my life but with my rank I can’t get radio/derma. Should I rather study for NEET 2022 or take up Psychiatry? Please help.

Medical science is cream of all sciences Psychiatry is cream of medical sciences and spirituality is cream of psychiatry

Would it be right to fill up Psychiatry in choice filling? Because I am expecting to get this at my rank. Or should I drop a year to take up radio/derma ?

yes it will be best to fill Psychiatry as a option

“Chill” is your choice to be honest.

All branches will have tight schedules during residency.

And once residency is complete, you can choose how much work you want.

You won’t have a chill life even with radio/derma/psychiatry if you work at 4 hospitals.

You can have a pretty chill life with subjects like OBG and Paedia if you work at 1 place.

“Chill” is in your hands. Any branch can be a “chill” branch if taken by a person who genuinely wants a “chill” life.

So, take a branch which you like. And try to make it as chill as possible by picking and choosing how you want to work.

Shaun Murphy psychiatry karne se acha hoga K plain mbbs hi raho…

Psychiatry in India setup is totally flop…earning that too very low will start only after atleast 5 years in market… Very very poor earning, poor patient load, no scope of psychotherapy in India ,non rewarding, no acknowledgement , all patients r defaulters bcoz drugs have so many side effects .

Also there is taboo, stigma and what not…

If u plan to go out of India then only there is scope… Not here

U can go in the market and ask the practicing psychiatrist… They themselves will advise u to take something else…