Just took my step 1 exam

Just took my step 1 exam.
It was definitely a very tiring and exhausting journey.
I started with kaplan, watched all the videos except pathology for which I did pathoma. After that I went through FA along with Rx videos. I went through FA first time along with a partner which took me 1.5 months. Then I started solving uworld. It took a long time to get to a good pace. Somehow I managed to finish within 7 months. Then I went through FA again along with all the notes I took from uworld. Then I took few nbmes and my score was around 210 (nbme 15,16). I started uworld for the second time and finished uworld 2nd pass. After that I started studying FA dedicatedly. But after I took nbme I was not happy with my score (nbme 20/21/22 around 220-225)and I was feeling very lost when I found out about Dr Taher. I wish I had found him earlier. I would have loved to do his whole course. But I did few difficult topics with him and he made them very simple, easy to understand and his mnemonics and drawings are the best! Even though I had studied everything, he taught me how to correlate and study and how to study well. We all give effort but doing it right way matters the most and he taught me how to. Finally I was happy with my nbme score and uwsa scores and I took the exam.

Materials covered:
FA (4x+) uworld (2x+)
Kaplan qbank (2x)
Rx qbank 1x

UWSA 1 247 (1 month before exam)
Nbme 18 242 (3 weeks before exam)
UWSA 2 241 (2 weeks before exam)

Will update when I get my score.