Just Venting out my anger here with series of post

Just Venting out my anger here with series of post

My girlfriend got centre at Adilabad, Telangana. (Near Maharastra border).

We live in Nagapatnam district of TamilNadu.

Right from the time of downloading hall ticket. It takes a day to plan how to reach Adilabad.

She boarded Mannargudi - Tirupati train earlier today with no gaurantee of getting another train to Adilabad.

Now luckily I got a tatkal ticket for her to Adilabad.

and now am looking for Accomodation like OYO near the centre.

She has single parent. No male companion.

The total journey time is 42 hrs with 8 hrs halt at Tirupati station.

I don’t know how NBE algoritham choose center like this.

What nbe feels is every mbbs doctor is having scorpios to roam around and 10 people will always be there around them to take care of.

NBE, this is not Bollywood cinema.

Bro… Your profile says you’re married and yet you’ve girlfriend

I’m from Tamilnadu my Center is in Hyderabad…I’m married and 4months pregnant….I cannot travel….is there a way we can mail nbe with all these issues