Kanika Kapoor’s episode has some immediate learnings for us!

Kanika Kapoor’s episode has some immediate learnings for us !!

  1. People coming from abroad, irrespective of the that fact that you have symptoms or not, please self isolate yourself for atleast 15 days. This even after you have been cleared at the airports. Please don’t use public transport for commuting back home, even if it means you need to take an intercity private taxi. You can afford this much in this hour of crisis to save your fellow citizens

  2. People who know if anyone has returned from abroad in their vicinity, please don’t come in close contacts with them while feeling compassionate and respectful with them. Be cautious that you dont be fearful of them and make them feel untouchables. They haven’t done any crime, they may not even know that they are infected. They may have been told to take necessary precautions at home, but general public also needs to be aware that isolation is the key to prevent community spread. Only mantra is isolation from people who have a recent history of travelling abroad from both ways.

  3. People who have come in contact with a person who travelled abroad recently, they also need to self isolate themselves for next 15 days. No need to panic. It’s just a precaution for 15 days. Should you develop any symptoms, consult your doctor.

We can prevent the spread. Just everyone needs to be cautious and take preventive measures!! Just next 2-3 weeks!! Stay safe stay healthy!! Spend time with your family and loved ones!! Time to spread love, not panic !!
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