Ketamine can be used in all of the situations except Ischemic heart disease

Ketamine can be used in all of the
situations except
a) Status asthamaticus
b) For analgesia & sedation
c) Obstetric hemorrhage
d) Ischemic heart disease
Correct Answer - D
D i.e. Ischemic heart disease
Ketamine causes profound analgesiaQ, disociative
anesthesiaQ, and emergence psychomimetic hallucinations and
delirium Q.
Ketamine increases cerebral metabolism, 02 consumption, blood
flow & intracranial pressure.Q

  • It causes profound analgesiaQ and dissociative anesthesiaQ
    (i.e. patient appears conscious e.g. eye opening, swallowing but
    unable to process or respond to sensory input). Ketamine
    causes Dissociative AnesthesiaQ by acting on cortex and
    subcortical areas (not on RAS) l/t feeling of dissociation from ones
    own body and surroundings. Post Operative Delirium and
    HallucinationQ is part of this Dissociative phenomenon. Drug of
    choice for post op. delirium & hallucination is Lorazepam.Q
  • It is closest to being a complete anesthetic since it induces
    analgesia, amnesia & unconsciousness.
  • It is associated with emergence psychotomimetic side effects
    (delirium, illusions, hallucination)Q. It is less common in children and
    pretreatment with lorazepam (drug of choice)Q