Lack of vitamin D is the cause of bad mood?

The deficiency of vitamin D in the body is the disease of schizophrenia bones, but also the depression, depression, grumpy pin and other mental diseases which are very difficult to cure.

According to a research, the ạfrạdḵạ mood that is mostly bad is used to use vitamin D supplements so that there are clear and positive results in their mood.

Negative effects of vitamin D deficiency:

Weak power defend

Due to lack of vitamin D, man can be sick repeatedly. If you have to get cold and flu, you must have a test of vitamin.

Pain in the bones

Vitamin D is an important role in digestion of calcium received from diet, if vitamin D deficiency is a must have a deficiency of calcium, the pain of the waist due to lack of calcium and vitamin D in blood, Bone break and bone disease increases the dangers of ‘Ạwsٹwprwss’.

Hair fall

Due to lack of vitamin D, the hair is weakened and drops fast, the lack of it is all the time to feel tired, pain in the muscles, the late fill of the wound.

Sources of getting vitamin D

Vitamin D is also known as ’ Flax Sunshine ’ and ’ Flax Light ’ Vitamin, because the sun’s sterilizes have its breeding in humans, besides vitamin D Soya Malik, potluck, Orange, egg yellow, msẖrwmz, salmon Fish, milk, yogurt, Green Leaf Vegetables, fish oil is also found in vitamin D.