Laser piles surgery (LASER piles surgery - LHP / HelP) -

Laser piles surgery (LASER piles surgery - LHP / HelP) -

Piles is a very common disease. Many think, piles are not good and there is no cure. Such an idea is not right. Successful treatment of piles is possible through proper treatment and it is possible to get rid of piles.

What kind of treatment is there?

Primary condition can be cured by rules and with some medicines. But when it goes to a long term or complicated level, there is no option without an operation. There are many methods for treatment of piles. Like -

• Injection Sclerotherapy

• Ringligation (RBL-Rubber band ligation / Baroon banding)

Electrocoagulation (Electrocoagulation)

• Cryotherapy (cryotherapy)

• Infrared Photocoagulation.

• Laser Therapy (LHP / HelP)

• Common operation (Haemorrhoidectomy)

• Longo (Longo) Operation,

• Double purse string stapled haemorrhoidopexy.

• Double purse string stapled haemorrhoidopexy with mucopexy.

• THD( Transanal haemorrhoid dearterialization)

• HAL( Haemorrhoidal artery ligation) with RAR ( Rectoanal repair)

• Sutured haemorrhoidopexy.

All types of methods have some benefits and difficulties. And laser piles surgery is one of these many options.

How does laser work?

Laser is a special kind of light. It is applied to laser energy piles with laser prob. Applying this to piles becomes normal. As a result, the piles are cured. It usually doesn’t have a lot of piercings, stitches, or bleeding.

How many types of laser operation?:

This can be explained in a few ways. But it has some modifications to get better results.

• LHP ( Laser haemorrhoidoplasty).

• HeLP ( Haemorrhoid Laser Procedure).

• LHP with HAL(Haemorrhoidal artery ligation) / THD( Transanal haemorrhoid dearterialization).

• LHP with HAL(Haemorrhoidal artery ligation) with RAR ( Rectoanal repair).

In which case should I laser?

• Laser is good at the primary level.

• Results are less hopeful at Advanced Stage.

• But if you do additionaly HAL (Haemorrhoidal artery ligation) with RAR (Rectoanal repair) in Advanced Stage, you will get good results.

• When the patient is interested.

Benefits -

• No thorns are torn.

• The result doesn’t bleed,

• There is no fear of pressing the anus.

• Pain is less and not a problem to hold the toilet.

• Patients can return to normal activities in short time.

• The reason why piles laser treatment is gaining popularity and acceptance in many countries including Bangladesh.

The inconvenience -

• The machine is very expensive.

• Special training is required.

• For safety you have to wear goggles in your eyes.

• Medical cost is also high.

• In some cases there can be an infection.

• There can be bleeding.

• May be again.

• Success rate is low if grade 3 or 4

• Have to take a shake or hipbath.