Let ...146 person do...that their good seats wll come in mop

Let …146 person do…that their good seats wll come in mop up…nd they have to take anatomy n all otherwise give neet pg 2022

Anyhow portal not gonna open for 6k seats…don’t try to be over smart

If SC had to be allowed, it would have allowed directly.

For 6kbseats

And after so much chaos and court everyone knows … When mop up can be cancelled… Then God knows what will happen to such people… Now no one is going to sit calmly, don’t cry later, just that our next seat has gone and the portal could not open. New.reg anyhow not gonna open

Don’t think… MCC will impose contempt of court against her even after this

Use your brain to yourself.

I don’t think there is any loophole here. This rule of someone being eligible for mop up even if they don’t join the allotted seat in this special round is only applicable for fresh allotments. It’s not applicable for those whose seat get upgraded.

If I’m not mistaken the rule for seat upgradation is that if your seat gets upgraded then you have to join that upgraded seat and that will be your final seat. You cannot not join your upgraded seat. This was the rule during aiq R2 counseling and since this special round is an extension of R2 I believe that rule still applies. So if anyone who got a seat in R2 gets allotted a seat in this round then they will have to join that upgraded seat. Resigning from that seat will pretty much cause them to lose everything in neet pg 2021 and they will have to give neet 2022 again to sit for neet aiq counseling.

It’s not like that ,as per MCC’s FAQ 4- ANYONE who register for special mopup who get alloted, if not willing to take up seat can exit & then they become eligible for fresh mopup. Many R2 joined candidates will try to utilise this vague statement of MCC & register for special round ,exit & enter fresh mopup round.So 146 R2 joined candidates will definitely get alloted in special mopup (since they are high rankers)& get entry into fresh mopup for sure & many R2 joined candidates will be registering for special round - bcz if they get alloted in special round, they can use it as a pass to fresh mopup, if not getting alloted they can always go back to their R2 alloted seat ,thus making the situation even more pathetic & hopeless for those whose admission got cancelled ,creating seat blocking & a never ending loop of counseling