Long post ahead..Hello everybody !I am a 2k21 ug passed out one

Long post ahead…Hello everybody !I am a 2k21 ug passed out one. I belong to a ok middle class family…parents are supportive during ny preparation…no distractions during preparation. I got a average score during my internship attempt so i was confident that i can make it up in 2k22 exam.Inicet was not at all my cup of tea.I simply used to apply for it and i casually attend the exam without any seriousness.So i will just qualify the exams wit a below average score only.My only hope was this 2k22 neet pg exam only.Friends by my side…some was in full time preparation and some went to duties.I gave my best at the preparation time.But during the exam week there was some kind of anxiety and thoughts of forgetting everything created much panic in me.some how given the exam…then came the episode of hopelessness and depression 😅😅i was shattered into pieces once the results were published…i always wanted obsgynae but the rank i secured was not even worth to get dnb in a below average institute also😂after researching last years cutoff…i came to know i could get low clinicals that too in mopup😅life was filled with full of uncertainties…i was in a state of complete depression…i felt ashame to face neighbours and relatives becoz they kept on asking about college joining…but i only know that i cld or cldnot get a chance only in mopup.Friends joined good colleges and desired branches…My mom was the only human being who supported me during this hardship period.I donot know how i cld have managed this phase of life without her…they convinced me to take whatever clinicals i get this time becoz they know how i worked hard in the preparatory phase…so i too made mind to join whatever i get…in this negative shift of counselling at last ended with MD.Anaesthesiology in the neighboring state in this mopup…parents were happy that i got something that also in not so far place…God only knows how i will cope up in this never dreamt branch😊

Life is full of uncertainties !

Life is full of surprises and miracles !!

Friends joining Good college/Dream Branches are biggest hit, 😪😪 that thought is going to haunt me for life