Look, I don't want anyone to die...no matter how bigoted, idiotic, and orange they are

Look, I don’t want anyone to die…no matter how bigoted, idiotic, and orange they are.

But hear me out.

Trump’s doctor slipped and said the president had been dealing with COVID for 72 hours. That is 24 more hours than the American people were led to believe.

There are reports that he received oxygen while at the White House. He is also taking an experimental drug cocktail. They say for precaution.

But is Melania doing any of this? Exactly.

You could say it’s because she is younger. Or because she is really just a Real Doll. Either way…

The most 2020 thing that could happen is Trump succumbing to complications with COVID right before the election. Not that I want him too, but you know, murder hornets and all. It’s been a year.

With the Supreme Court down one justice, voting already beginning, that is the most chaotic option, and therefore the most 2020 thing to happen.