M.P Shah Medical College Jamnagar,Gujarat

M.P Shah Medical College


Department:General medicine


Hands on:Yes plenty usual cases & extremely rare cases.

Cases:Case load is pretty huge,College is higher referral centre for saurashtra region comprising multiple districts,You will get usual cases along with many extremely rare cases.

Patient load:Very huge but manageable

Hospital facilities:Medicine wards are located in new covid building which are furnished & new,every ward have full air conditioned doctors room with two beds,lab services are round the clock with all basic investigations,radiological investigation services like ct mri & usg are done round the clock,not much waiting time.

Working environment:Good working atmosphere no toxicity or discrimination as said in many groups about Gujarat colleges.

Duty hours:Depends & varies ward r1 may have alternate day on call night duty where as periphery r1 will have two night shifts in a week,Two rounds daily,morning by faculty & evening by r2 & r3 after rounds work will be there,faster you complete faster you are relieved.

Academics & teaching:Academics are not that great,zero academics for first year by faculties but second year & thrird years will have presentations,cme & conferences.

Service bond & bank guarantee:No bond & bank guarantee for aiq candidates,courses will be completed by 3 years exams happens on time.

Accommodation & food:Hostel is a new building 10 storied with 2 elevators,rooms are clean & furnished,regarding food there are multiple mess that works at different locations throughout the college & one in pg hostel too.Food is good & tasty but always vegetarian,you can try multiple mess before choosing one.Non veg lovers can order zomato.

Opinion on institute:Good institute if you can survive the hecticity(Medicine will be hectic wherever you take) this is second most preferred institute for gen med after bjmc as said by many gujarati students,Not toxic(beware of negative counselling/overgeneralisation)

(Review from resident)

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