Mahmoud A. ELashkar - USMLE Step 2 CK Experience

Alhamdulellah,I got my score report last Wednesday. It’s 220
I started the actual preparation after finishing the internship in March 2016
I did UW2015 + MTB2 “didn’t finish it I think it’s not necessary”
Nbme 6 I got 38 wrong
So I did UW 2016 mixed mode ‘offline’ only 40 blocks
Nbme 4 I got 37 wrong
So I revised my notes again and I did the other nbmes
Nbme 3 I got 30 wrong
Nbme 2 I got 28 wrong
Nbme 7 I got 36 wrong
I thought that things are ok because nbme 7 is so hard .
so I decided to do UWSA to schedule my exam as soon as possible but here the surprise ,I failed in
UWSA and got 193 ?? , so far from pass score ,I was frustrated and exhausted . I decided to put an
end to this nightmare and scheduled my exam after 3 weeks in 27th November .
I revised my notes again from UW and CMS and i did all CRASHs in this group it’s really helpful
especially in biostat. thanks for every one participate in these amazing posts.
Exam day .
I went for the exam with mind of “you have nothing to lose, you already did all what you can, just
do your best in the last 9 hours “
I didn’t find any troubles in time management in first 5 blocks but in last 3 blocks not only long Qs
but long and tough, sometimes weird Qs, I barely was able to finish the block within time .
Overall the exam is doable, there were a lot of easy Qs that I got it wrong due to overthinking
Anyway, allhamdulellah that I finished step 2 ck with this score, may be it’s not the score that I
wanted but still enough to match, of course with more efforts in next steps.
I was hesitant to share my experience, but I owe this group a lot .
Thank you.