March 2020 ACL + MCL and both menisci repair surgery

Heey Everyone😊 had on the 18Th march 2020 ACL + MCL and both menisci repair surgery.

I Need your help! Had an MRI 6months after surgery. The reason was I have meniscus symptoms, sharp pain lateral from my knee and also a painful /snap/clicking sound from knee flexion to full extension. I’m still in PT but we can’t do the same excercises because the pain has gotten worse. I’m not able to walk for a long time because I feel this weird snapping sound and get easily in pain (sharp lateral pain)

My orthopedist thinks it’s a scar tissue problem I have to wait…

My second opinion has the suspicion of notch impingement he saw this on the MRI. also a part maybe of the old ACL is curvy on the MRI so he thinks this could be the cause of my snapping sound and pain.

What do you think?? Anyone here had a similair experience??