Marrow edition 4 have mcq discussions

Marrow edition 4 have mcq discussions, rapid revision and image based discussions. And edition 4 is going to be end in last of may …we most of them have not watched it . Will it be added in marrow 5 ??
If not then let’s request them to add in marrow 5 till our neet/inicet exam. it helps in easy revision of all the high yield topic, mcq and image based discussions other wise they should make new and upload in marrow5 all the image,mcq and rapid discussions at the end of may when 4 validity is over .by removing also they will nothing get if they will add in marrow 5 atleast some of them can be benefited isn’t ???
Let’s request Dr deepu sir and marrow admin

sir has already told that it will be extended till august!!

oh really?? Are you sure ?? If yes then its awesome

hey please DM me, im not able to find you on messenger