MARROW has been my primary source of my preparation that started right from my internship

Greetings to all…

Long post warning…

This is Dr RAGUL , 2015 batch ,

post intern from Government Thiruvarur Medical College, Thiruvarur, Tamilnadu .

It wouldn’t be fair , if I not write this Gratitude post . MARROW has been my primary source of my preparation that started right from my internship. Making myself reach the rank which i have got now, I should owe it to the team of Marrow and all its greatest teachers.

NEET PG 21 - AIR 13k



NEET PG 22 - AIR 141

I was a Plan C user since april 2020 , subscribed just before my internship. Being a Covid intern batch , we used to get covid duties followed by quarantine. I was fortunate enough to use those free times for my Entrance prep. Yes , Covid has been a blessing in disguise for me in this aspect.

Focusing mostly on my internship where i was able to acquire a lot of clinical skills and in between utilizing the free times , was able to finish 3-4 short subjects at the end of my internship.

( Never ever compromise ur intern period for PG prep )

Started my actual phase of Learning with Physiology - In no time , I actually became a great fan of Dr Krishna Kumar Solaiappan sir . The positive vibe which he spreads while teaching made me kinda binge watch physio videos.

Medicine being the most vast subject, it would be scary for anyone to watch the entire 220 videos at a stretch. So I decided to split it up and watch in between subjects. [ I went like Physio - med(endocrine) - ENT - med(rheumat) - Ortho - med(GIT) - Surgery… ]

By this way , as I was nearing to complete the videos of my subjects, i had already watched all the medicine videos. Thanks to Rakesh S Nair sir , whom I have always admired for his unique way of teaching.

Sir s response to one FB post actually got struck to my mind . He commented just " Even Liver is hypoxic at peripheries" to a post that asked abt pursuing general medicine in a peripheral college. Though sir’s words made me feel down, it also actually kept on pushing me to reach a better/best college - a great motivation for sure.

My sincere thanks to all my Favourite teachers of marrow - Dr Manisha Sinha Budhiraja mam (ENT) , Dr Abbas Ali sir (ortho), Dr Rohan Khandelwal sir (surgery) , Dr Chait Anya sir(anaesthesia) , Dr MAK sir (Radio) and Dr Malcolm Pinto sir( Derma).

Q bank : I was actually not concentrating on Qbank initially . Would be just watching the videos and move on. In between I was adviced by few of my friends to solve q banks with each video and that undoubtedly helped a lot in knowing what to focus in each and every concept and to know what all kind of questions that can be framed of from that topic.


Started taking Live Gts right from May 2021. Would be taking it at the last day and would review it the next day. Initially my scores were very low , then i could see my curve gradually getting higher. Dont ever give a Gt without reviewing. Analyse where u r weak , where u go wrong frequently and try rectifying it from the next time. Should surely thank Marrow team for creating such an user-friendly interface

making every gts a great experience. Actually felt the Neet pg 22 as an another marrow GT.


Few questions which u all might ask :

  1. Watched all videos ? - Yes

  2. Watched revision videos ? - No

  3. Watched Delta videos ? - No

  4. Completed Qbank ? 95%

  5. Solved all PYQ s ? - Yes

  6. Bookmarks? More than 4000, was trying to unbookmark , but couldn’t

  7. Read all Pearls ? - No

  8. Gave all GTs ? - Only those came as Live GTs , nothing more than that.

  9. GTs from other platforms? - yes only once but found it no way better than that of Marrow’s .

  10. SWT ? - No

  11. Revision - revised my notes multiple times (4-5 times) which I felt easier than watching revision videos .

I might not comply with the strategies of most of the good rankers. Even then its possible to get a rank.

Just dont stress yourself in finding a strategy. Dont stress urself in using all the features of the app to fullest , Instead use YOURSELF to the fullest. Analyse what suits u , what u feel comfortable and more productive with and follow it . It is not that “All the toppers follow this , and I should follow this too” , Try to find a way for urself and keep revising. Revision is obviously the key element in our journey.


We , a group of 4 friends Thamizh Azhagan @naveen angamuthu and @Priya Chandran, joined forming a group sharing all our stresses and insecurities. We, with a motive of " LETS ALL GROW TOGETHER" , would discuss difficult concepts and teach each other easy ways to remember facts.

We would solve PYQs daily for one hour and discuss upon them , that actually helped a lot making me never wanna see those PYQs again.

Having a group like this would keep us sane through the most stressful times.

Words would never be suffice to thank Priya Chandran , being my study partner , my constant motivator ; sharing our frustrations and making both of us not to feel alone in the most difficult journey of our lives.

Being a student of one of the most peripheral colleges of a state , I have always felt low , set only lower ambitions and always had self doubts. Now I feel like i have proven myself wrong. Its always you that matter. If u have that ambition and u work for it whole heartedly with consistent efforts, u would reach ur destiny for sure.

One most important thing which I read just before starting my prep - " Keep moving forward , move a metre or even just an inch , Never Stop" . This actually became etched in my mind which i would think of every other day during my prep.

Some days would be good , some days we would struggle even to cross an hour.

Always keep in mind , Consistency consistency consistency…

Thanks a ton to the MARROW TEAM for providing us such a valuable platform with lots and lots of features and changing the lives of countless aspirants.

  • With heartfelt Gratitude