Marrow plan c user I secured a score of 641

I’m Dr Haajirah Khalid, marrow plan c user.
I secured a score of 641 in NEETPG 2021. All thanks to Almighty Allah and my parents.
Well my preparation for the exam started in March 2020 when I was not happy with rank of 35,000 in NEET PG 2020. I thought if I study properly I could get a better rank.

I bought marrow plan c and started my journey. In marrow there’s regular subject wise tests weekly or twice weekly which became my time table. Initially the pace was slow but later the preparation accelerated with regular motivation from Dr Abbas Ali. I had to make sure that I finish my first reading in the stipulated time. I really wanted to do good number of revisions.
I had also joined dams T&D which helped me in getting used to a variety of questions.

In the last 2-3 months I gave GT’s every week (initially 1 GT per month). I planned in such a way that I revise the subject atleast twice in the last 2 months. Marrow also provides newly introduced short mcq tests which I felt was the best in the last phase.

So I would like to tell my juniors that if you plan and revise properly, you can get your dream result. Overall the most important part of my preparation was multiple revisions, getting to the concepts and mcq’s.

I would like to thank the entire team of marrow and the whole faculty. Special thanks to Dr Abbas Ali sir, Dr Rohan, Dr. Illa, Dr Sakshi Arora. Last but not the least a very special thanks to teachers of first and second year subjects, RaviRaj sir, Rebecca ma’am, Krishna sir, shivika ma’am, Illa ma’am, ranjan sir, mukhmohit sir, Chaitanya sir, who helped me build my core foundation in understanding medicine, surgery, OBG.

Thank you team marrow.