Marrow was our primary source and we gave marrow GTs only and three CBTs

I, Dr. Indrani Raut with NEET 2022 rank - 4129 (NEET 2021 rank 23k) and my study partner Dr. Ritesh Singh NEET 2022 rank 3983 (NEET 2021 rank 46k) with just a difference of one mark.Both of us are from private college.Marrow was our primary source and we gave marrow GTs only and three CBTs.

Our strategy was to enhance whatever plus points we have rather than copying someone else’s strategy.So we exploited the fact that we have a study partner, we studied all the 19 subject together whether it was notes reading,GT reviews, pearl reading…each and every word together (the one mark difference in NEET 2022 says it all).

Since we had the entire day to ourselves, our priority was to first sleep for 8 hours a day,eat home food and then third on the list was to study whatever time we had in the entire day.We never micromanaged our time table we would just have a rough idea about what we want to read or complete today.There was no rigid number of hours per day,we would just start our day at 9 am and end our day at 11.30 pm with roughly 3 or 3.5 hours break distributed throughout the day.We took one day off in a week or in 8 to 9 days.Apart from our break day we never took a half day or any break in between for any event or whatsoever.

Sometimes we had the doubt whether sticking to marrow GTs would work or not but our NEET RANK reflected MARROW GT’s rank.We believed in doing the same thing n number of times rather than doing 100 different things from different sources.

We gave all the GTs live and we reviewed all the 200 questions irrespective of the fact that it is right or wrong, initially we would go back to the notes and read that topic to have a picture memory.Reviewing 200 questions together was very time consuming but we later realised that reviewing GTs together worked for us cz we would remember the mistakes which BOTH of us made.

The reason we stayed with marrow for GTs cz our primary goal was to know the 200 topics thoroughly and we tried once or twice to give other platforms GT but we stayed with marrow cz of its explanation and interface.

All this was possible only cz of MARROW’s smooth interface. The interface played a major role cz if it had technical issues every now and then, then studying roughly 13 hours a day on phone would have been far from reality. We know each other since 6 years and are together for more than 4 years,both of us did our UG from different private college and never got enough time to spend together, Neet PG preparation was the first time we got to spend so much time infact the entire day on phone call.

Thank you each and every person in MARROW Deepu Sebin sir,all the professors,all the people who have made this App the way it is today.You all have made our one year very special and memorable.It felt like a long exhaustive date but it was the best date we ever had.

We both have put our hearts into MARROW