Matched in a preliminary surgery program

Matched in a preliminary surgery program :slightly_smiling_face:

Applied for preliminary in surgery, internal medicine and categorical anesthesiology.

I know I got into surgery bc soap list of infilled positions that I am eligible to just involve advance programs like surgery, anesthesia, dermatology, radiology but not a single internal medicine.


step 1 242
step 2 260
cs first pass
need VISA
graduated in Brazil in December 2017
Lors: 2 internships here (IM and anesthesia) and one from Brazil
Red flag: stopped university back home for 1 year

We are all brave, accomplished, and should be proud of ourselves.
If you did not match this year, you still are one step closer to the goal. Next year you gonna be more eager and ready. I know I will strive as much as possible for my advanced position. You can do it.

I wish a great deal of effort motivation and luck to everyone.

Thank you for the incredible group support here.

Later on I ll post something more detailed