MD Anaesthesia? MS ENT or OPHTHAL?

MD Anaesthesia?

Prefrence :

Earning wise?

Settlement time?

Want patient contact too?

P. S. - Might be getting MS Surg from state counselling as well.

I do like it as a branch but since the learning curve is long and being a female, I’m thinking of not taking surgery. If anyone could please help…

Earning wise :- optha>ent>anaesthesia

Settlement time:-


Don’t fall in trap of early settlement of anaesthesia. Early settlement actually means you won’t grow over time & experience.

This year, there were zero posts for both ENT and Ophthal in my state for SRship. That’s y confused

Take anasthesia if you don’t want surgical branch

Anesthesia , any time.

Now a days optometrists are prescribing lens and power,

Medicine people do give antibiotics to an ASOM case

people usually don’t come to ENT or ophthalmologist unless it’s an emergency .

But anesthesia is totally a different branch , very much emerging and Medicine or other branch would never interfere in any part of it.

Anaesthesia -

.basic pay scale in government sector is same for ENT , optha.

.In private sector pay for anaesthesia is 1.5 to 2 lakh. If your clinical knowledge is good in ICU part u can earn 3-4 lakhs

. number of procedures done in anaesthesia are less which you can master in ur PG period vs ENT u need atleast 2-4 years of more experience to work independently

.u have a good patient contact in ICU especially if you are interested in critical care

.for optha I think people would prefer experienced doctor