MD DVL or MD General Medicine

MD DVL or MD General Medicine

In terms of future prospect and practice


General medicine

There has been a lot of instances where non dermats (surgeons, mbbs, dentists) are practicing dermatology and cosmetology

Plus with advent of AI, the scope is decreasing.

In terms of working hours, dermat >medicine

Dermatology set up needs a lot of investment. While not with medicine practice.

You can decide on your own now.

Dermatology …

maximum quackery…other than quacks all speciality doctors want to treat fungal inf/acne/urticaria…like common illness…that make clinical dermatology challenging to establish…will not get paid job in most of the cities or periphery…

Cosmetology…rewarding…but depends on your exposure during pg/limited to tier 1 cities/need investment…few drawbacks in dermat as felt by a new dermatologist …

though branch in much demand in pg,cool ,newer things keep coming…though cosmetology is being practiced by non dermats too