Md paeds or ms obg kindly suggest


Mayank sir I know it’s an individual decision but still a little bit of dilemma in the mind while choosing the subject

I’m from pediatrics & I tell u it’s cons high mortality emergencies hectic night duties & counseling parents is as challenging as treating them & now pediatrics has not remained an end branch from earning point of view obsgynae better

Pediatric … Because even it’s very hectic but you’ve very important stress relieving factor that is cute kids which will completely deficient in Obg.

If you can handle stress of sick ,weak babies, apprehensive parents,n on above have much patience to counsel the worried parents on routine basis…cz a calm person( also good counselor)with interest in paeds will excel here undoubtedly,:ok_hand:,
otherwise he she gone…

Think from -if you are interested in medicine subjects then choose pedia… If interested in surgical or interest in both md and ms subjects… Then choose OG…
future -after pedia you can go for DM.
After OG you can go for onco mch or fellowship in reproductive medicine.,onco, high risk pregnancy etc… Think from all aspects… And then decide…take ur decision in calm mind so that no regrets in future… :airplane:

For private practice, paediatrics doesn’t require a lot of investment. Only the OPD will do.

But in gyneac, even if you don’t want to set up OT, the ultrasound machine will be costly which is a MUST have thing in your clinic.

Gynaecology is good earning point of view.
The amount of money earned by a paediatrician by seeing patients in one day is equal to one surgery of gynaecologist. Excluding OP cases.

The rest depends on your interest.