MD Path pros nd cons...job oppurtunities after it really saturated

MD Path pros nd cons…job oppurtunities after tat…is it really saturated.

*excellent work life balance
*working at microscopic level(less than 0.5% people do work microscopically)
*You are the reason of diagnosis! (in 60% cases,40%%reserved for radiologist)
*Intraoperative histopathological examination has more scope in near future
*You will known the nature of each & every disease!
*No stethoscope
*No patient interaction
*Patient never mention your name when he/she cured from cancer or major disease (without your diagnosis,there is no treatment!)
*Social stigma(lab wala doctor)
*from this year md pathologist is not eligible for DM hematology
If you surpassed social stigma & want to work behind the curtain…than opt md pathology …Your hardwork makes you respectable pathologist in society.