MD radio or MD derma which branch is better for future

MD radio or MD derma which branch is better for future…MD radio or MD derma which branch is better for future…

MD radio looks more promising. Derma unless done from the best colleges, will be difficult to withstand this competition of dermatologists. But there is still a dire need of radiologists in many places. But if you are searching for the lesser hectic than Derma is the answer.

Anuradha Mishra thanks a lot for your valuable opinion…

Depends upon whether you want patient interaction or not.

I want patient interaction…but I don’t want hectic life … actually there was not much exposure in radiology during UG life…and the other thing is I don’t know much about how many patients will be available in derma in future. that’s why I am literally confused between two

If you can’t patient interaction and a chill life ,then dermatology seems like the most apt choice of you.

Derm can give you the clinical satisfaction which you may not get in radiology.

Dr. Jitendra Modi Sir, could you please check your message request/inbox? I’m a NEET PG aspirant sitting for counselling this year and I needed to talk with you. Thank you Sir.

Which branch is better for u should not depend on someone else’s opinion. It all depends on your desire and interest to work in that field not on what everyone else is taking or suggesting.

Just one thing money and time should not be the deciding criteria while branch selection. Doctors will always have work, be it radiologist or dermatologist, although relatively yes they are less hectic as compared to other medicine branches. But if u have passion for any branch, thn hecticnes should also be not included in criteria for branch selection.

I would have taken derma bcz there is patient interaction and non hectic life

For future purpose I would say its Derma…

Future me har brach saturated hoga aur priva8 me sab cheap labour k tarah kam karenge