Meaning of hybrid mode of reporting?

Meaning of hybrid mode of reporting??
They are saying to report physically for candidates willing for upgradation. Then what’s the use of hybrid reporting? And for whom online reporting?.

to retain seat and waiting for upgradation they ask us to report physically. Then for whom online reporting (hybrid reporting) useful. Can you please explain.

Mcc indirectly tells colleges to trap candidates into joining the workforce regardless of whether the candidate is expecting to upgrade or not/ participating in the state counselling or not. All in the name of not letting the seats go waste. IMO, it should’ve been the other way around, i.e. online reporting for those opting for upgradation and physical reporting for those who do not.

wats the purpose of online reporting for people who dont need upgradation??anyway they need to join the duty ryt

This should have been the other way round! 😂

People willing to join should have had the physical reporting.

Don’t know what these people think and write!

Whichever maal they are smoking seems to be of good quality…It should have been the other way around logically…but no idea why they are doing this…

So does this mean

if we decide to finalise the seat, - online report and later go and join,

And to get upgraded - have to report in person

To free exit and participate in R2 - do nothing?